Andrea Ardito

   I was drawn into the Macintosh arena in 1985, while I was the Publications Director for a local company. We published a 36-page newspaper, and I was responsible for layout and design and implementing the switch from the traditional, manual paste-up method to what was then referred to as “Desktop Publishing.” For some inexplicable reason, I became hooked on the Macintosh, even though I had always considered myself to be too old to learn how to use a computer.
I went to work as the Electronic Publishing Manager for a Macintosh retailer, where I trained customers to use their design skills on the Macintosh computer. After that, I became a trouble-shooter for Dwight Yaeger Typographer, solving problems for clients who were sending electronic files to be output on Linotype equipment. When I decided to get more involved with the Mac's color capabilities, I joined Richland Graphic Systems as a Lead Trainer, specializing in emerging color scanning and printing technologies.
    I have also been a part-time instructor at the Columbus College of Art and Design, where I taught Macintosh graphics applications.
Since 1992, I've been the Lead Trainer at Crossword Solutions, as well as a technical support person and account manager. My hobbies include learning to play Old Time fiddle music.
My computer skills have come in very handy in this endeavor. I now use a computer and a data base to catalog the hundreds of tunes I am interested in; music software to slow down fiddle tunes and digital video to capture favorite old time fiddlers at play.



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