Barry Chern

From earliest childhood memory, Išve been working as an artist and musician, with an additional strong interest in electronic technologies.

For nearly twenty years, my primary focus was on producing original fine art, with lithography as my primary medium. This is a highly difficult and technical medium, involving a lot of chemistry, photography, physics, electronics and hard, physical labor in addition to the imagination and eye-hand skills that are apparent in the images. I exhibited widely in juried shows and non-profit art spaces, receiving quite a few awards and honors. In fact, it was an Ohio Arts Council Individual Artist Fellowship that made it possible for me to purchase my first Macintosh in 1987, and I have been addicted to them ever since. Thus, it makes sense that I would end up working with them professionally.

Fueled by strong curiosity and an interest in problem-solving, I conducted my own endless research and experimentation. This helped me develop a comprehensive knowledge of the Macintosh Operating System, along with the widespread working abilities of applications for fields like telecommunications, audio, graphics, web-publishing, multi-media and desktop-publishing.

In 1987, one of the applications shipping with the Mac was HyperCard. I quickly discovered the embedded scripting language, and found that I had a natural knack and interest in writing instructions for the computer to follow. This eventually led to my being able to automate repetitive tasks for myself and others. When Apple introduced AppleScript, this scripting ability was freed from being tied to one application and could be applied system-wide for inter-application communication. I have since developed scripting applications for a number of companies, saving them countless man-hours by automating repetitive tasks. Now, one of my biggest Mac strengths is finding a way to script anything that involves doing the same actions over and over.

I have worked with Crossword Solutions since the beginning on a project-by-project basis, most of which has involved scripting and process automation. For the last three years, I have been with them on a more full-time basis, also offering office management and phone support.

In addition to my work with lithography and computers, Išve also spent a lot of time studying and performing American roots music. Although I appreciate the entire spectrum of American musical history, my focus in on blues pioneers like Charlie Patton and Mississippi John Hurt, as well as old-time country artists like Charley Poole and Alfred Reed. Išve performed solo since the mid-60s, and play with some old-time string bands, such as Turkeys in the Straw. I was a 1995 nominee in the Best Blues/R&B instrumentalist category in the Columbus Music Awards, and have appeared at the Central Ohio Folk Festival, the Columbus Arts Festival and the Worthington Folklife Festival; on the public radio station WCBE; and as the opening act for Loudon Wainright III, Pierce Pettis, Michael Hurley and J.J. Cale, among others.

I have also dabbled in film, video, comics, poetry, short stories, painting and electronic music.


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